Best answer: Is Drexel University any good?

Drexel is a highly rated private university located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is a large institution with an enrollment of 13,878 undergraduate students. Admissions is somewhat competitive as the Drexel acceptance rate is 75%. Popular majors include Nursing, Accounting, and Mechanical Engineering.

Is Drexel University a prestigious school?

Drexel University’s 2022 Rankings

Drexel University is ranked #103 in National Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Does Drexel University have a good reputation?

The best thing about Drexel is that it is an already respected university, ranked 108th in the country, and it is also climbing in the rankings and continuing to improve in every way. It is fun to watch things around you getting better and better.

Is Drexel University worth the money?

Overall, we still believe Drexel University is a good value school that is worth the cost. But if you can get into a school with a better reputation and lower cost, you’ll likely get much more in the long run.

Is Drexel a top 100 school?

Drexel University is ranked #103 in National Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

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Is Drexel University better than Penn State?

Overall, Drexel scored a 69.8 out of 100. The University scored 25.2 out of 40 in outcomes; 21.1 out of 30 for resources; 16.7 out of 20 for engagement; and 6.8 out of 10 for environment. As a result, Drexel placed higher than local universities such as Penn State (96) and Villanova (117).

What is Drexel University known for?

Drexel is a comprehensive global research university with a unique model of experiential learning that combines academic rigor with one of the nation’s premier cooperative education programs.

Is Drexel a hard school?

Academics at Drexel are pretty tough, at least in my experience they have been. … Most of the “arts” students do need to take some general studies, such as math and english courses, however in my experience most of my core D&M classes have been project based.

What do students say about Drexel University?

Drexel “moves fast,” and students love the feeling that “our work makes an impact in real companies.” As a research-driven university, the school has found a “really strong area within the sciences” and also does very well in challenging students with “a fast-paced curriculum” that prepares them for a working …

Is Drexel University Online a good school?

Drexel University’s Online Programs Ranked Among The Best by U.S. News & World Report. … Among the Best Online Programs for Veterans categories, Drexel ranks among the top 50 for MBA programs, the top 20 for Graduate Education, and #16 for Graduate Nursing degrees.

Is Drexel hard to get into?

Drexel admissions is somewhat selective with an acceptance rate of 75%. Students that get into Drexel have an average SAT score between 1190-1390 or an average ACT score of 25-31. The regular admissions application deadline for Drexel is January 15.

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How much do Drexel graduates make?

Drexel University offers incoming students full-tuition scholarships to select winners of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. First-year fall start applicants.

Is Drexel a black college?

The enrolled student population at Drexel University is 51.9% White, 16% Asian, 7.94% Black or African American, 6.39% Hispanic or Latino, 3.54% Two or More Races, 0.0785% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders, and 0.0785% American Indian or Alaska Native.

Is Drexel a fun school?

Drexel students have a lot of fun but the 10-week quarters and Co-op cycles are rigorous. I wouldn’t recommend Drexel to someone who doesn’t like the city. It is located in West Philadelphia.