Frequent question: Who is the winningest coach in NCAA basketball?

Which coach won most NCAA basketball championships?

Multiple championship coaches

Coach School Championships
John Wooden UCLA 10
Mike Krzyzewski Duke 5
Adolph Rupp Kentucky 4
Roy Williams North Carolina 3

Who is the winningest NCAA coach?

Coaches with 200 career wins

Rank Name Wins
1 John Gagliardi 489
2 Joe Paterno 409
3 Eddie Robinson 408
4 Bobby Bowden 377

Who holds the record for most consecutive NCAA basketball tournament wins?

Kansas’ ongoing streak is the longest in NCAA history, currently four years longer than North Carolina’s run of 27-straight appearances from 1975 through 2001. This Kansas streak really begins in the 1980s. In 1988, Larry Brown coached Kansas to a national championship.

What is the largest victory in NCAA championship history?

Notable Men’s NCAA Championship Teams

In the title game, the Runnin’ Rebels crushed Duke, 103-73—the largest winning margin in a men’s tournament championship game. UNLV carried its championship momentum over to 1991, winning 34 straight games before a 79-77 upset loss to Duke in the Final Four.

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Who is the longest tenured coach in NCAA basketball?

Each program employs a head coach. As of the 2021–22 season, the longest-tenured head coach is Jim Boeheim, who has been head coach at Syracuse since 1976. Conference affiliations reflect those of the current 2021–22 college basketball season.

Who holds the record for most points scored in a national championship game?

UCLA center Bill Walton produced the closest thing to a perfect game ever seen in a national championship game. Walton shot 21-of-22 and scored 44 points, the most ever scored in a title game, in the Bruins’ 87-66 victory over Memphis State in the 1973 title game.

What school has the most wins in college basketball?

List of teams with the most victories in NCAA Division I men’s college basketball

Rank College Wins
1 Kentucky 2,327
2 Kansas 2,323
3 North Carolina 2,294
4 Duke 2,214

How many times has Gonzaga won NCAA?

This is a list of seasons completed by the Gonzaga Bulldogs men’s basketball team since the team’s formation in 1907. They have been conference regular season champions 25 times and conference tournament champions 17 times.

What is the biggest blowout in NCAA basketball history?

Tennessee Tech (1963) In the largest victory margin in NCAA tournament history, Loyola had no problem getting by lowly Tennessee Tech in the first round in 1963’s March Madness.

What is the biggest blowout in basketball history?

The Memphis win ties the 1940 Chicago Bears’ 73-0 shutout for the largest margin of victory in North American professional sports history, according to Bears writer Larry Mayer.

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What is the biggest blowout in college basketball history?

Loyola (in 1963) won by a record margin against Tennessee Tech in the first round of the NCAA tournament.