How do you get invited to college football camps?

The individual camps can be hit or miss, but if the coach personally invites you, then you are somewhere on their recruiting board. Do keep in mind that college coaches will send out hundreds of emails inviting recruits, so the personal invite should come from social media, text, or a phone call.

What does it mean if a college invites you to a camp?

Attendees who received generic invites are usually campers. These athletes aren’t being actively recruited by a coach and are mainly there for skills development. On the other hand, recruits who have received a personal invitation from the coaching staff are being evaluated at the camp.

How do college football camps work?

Prospect camps are generally hosted by a college football program and coached by their staff. These usually run 3-4 hours and include combine style testing (height, weight, 40 time, shuttle, and broad jump), position drills (coached by the team’s position coaches), 1 on 1 drills, and 7 on 7 drills.

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How do football camps get noticed?

Let them know who you are, what position you play, what school you’re from, why you’re interested in their program, and what your ambitions are. If you walk into camp as an unknown, it’ll be harder to get noticed. Make sure you’re interested in not only the football program—but the school itself.

How much does a college football camp cost?

The cost of attending a one-day showcase at a college will usually run under $100. For a local multi-day football camp, expect to pay over $100. The price could go up to $2,000 for a week-long stay at an elite high school football overnight camp.

Are college ID camps worth it?

Besides being beneficial for the college coach, ID camps are just as helpful for the players: Players get a feel for the college coach, how they coach, how they run their program, and other program details. … Players also get a feel for the campus, academics, and general student life.

What do you say to a college coach after a camp?

You’ll want to either email, call, or DM a college coach, and you’ll want to genuinely thank them and mention a few personal memories from camp. The goal of thanking a coach after a camp is to demonstrate your interest in joining their program and your strong manners and character off the field.

What college football coaches look for in recruits?

12 Things All College Coaches Want in a Recruit

  • Athleticism: First and foremost, you must have the skills to play in college. …
  • Solid academics: You must prove that you can thrive in an academic setting. …
  • Good Character: …
  • Work Ethic: …
  • Team Player: …
  • Hustle: …
  • Sports IQ: …
  • Maturity:
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How do you tell a college coach you are interested?

If you are at the beginning of the recruiting process, you’re probably wondering how to communicate your interest in a particular program. The best way to tell a coach you are interested is by sending them a personalized email that includes your academic details, athletic stats and a link to your highlight film.

What do D1 football coaches look for?

College football coaches are looking for recruits with extensive varsity experience, a stellar highlight film, the right body type, high football IQ and good academics.

How do you get noticed at a camp?

5 Ways to Get Noticed at a Sports Camp

  1. Stay in Shape. Don’t come to camp expecting you’ll “get in game shape” in a couple weekends. …
  2. Make a Good (First) Impression. …
  3. Bring Your Passion. …
  4. Demonstrate Leadership. …
  5. Show Up On Time!

How do you get invited to rivals camp?

How do I get invited to the Rivals Camp? To attend the Rivals Camp Series, you must be nominated by a Rivals Analyst or selected as a top athlete during a Rivals Combine. Coaches who would like to nominate a player can submit information and a video link here.

Are there any college football camps?

El Camino College Football Camps

Warrior Football Camps take place at El Camino College in Torrance, California. Warrior Football Camps are led by the El Camino College Warrior Football coaching staff.

How do I get listed on 247Sports?

To request a 247Sports player profile or update an existing one, please submit your request to our recruiting editorial team at, or visit for more details.

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