How do you make students possessive?

Now for your question. So, the possessive form of students (a plural noun that already ends with an -s) is students’.

Is there an apostrophe in students?

students is plural and ends with -s: add an apostrophe only.

How do you make classmates possessive?

f. To form the possessive of plural nouns ending in s, add only an apostrophe: the teachers’ classrooms, her classmates’ interests, the customers’ wishes. Plural proper nouns do the same: the Smiths’, the Humphreys’, the Joneses’.

What is possessive example?

Examples of possessive in a Sentence

The possessive form of “dog” is “dog’s.” “His” and “her” are possessive pronouns. Noun “Your” and “yours” are possessives.

How do you make a name that ends in s possessive?

For names ending in s, form the possessive either by simply adding an apostrophe (James’ books) or by adding an apostrophe as well as another s (Charles’s phone). The possessive of a plural name is always formed by adding an apostrophe after the final s (the Smiths’ dog, the Harrises’ family home).

Which one is correct a student or an student?

The correct usage would be “a student”. In English, ‘an’ is only used when the following word begins with a vowel. Notice, I didn’t say ‘an vowel’. That’s because ‘a’ is used when the next word begins with a consonant.

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How do you spell students?

Correct spelling for the English word “Students” is [stjˈuːdənts], [stjˈuːdənts], [s_t_j_ˈuː_d_ə_n_t_s] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Do students or do students?

The subject is “students”, which is plural, so “do” is the proper verb.

How do you make Doris possessive?

So when do you use which? The rule is actually simpler than you’d think. But if the word ending in ‘s’ makes an ‘s’ sound at the end (as in Doris or glass), you add an apostrophe followed by another ‘s’: Doris’s mother makes lemonade from scratch.

What is the possessive of sister?

my sister’s friend’s investments (I have one sister and she has one friend.) my sisters’ friends’ investments (I have many sisters and they have many friends.) my sisters’ friend’s investments (I have many sisters and they have one friend.) my sister’s friends’ investments (I have one sister and she has many friends.)

Which is correct sister or sisters?

Sisters is the plural for sister. Sister’s is the singular possessive form of sister.

How do you make something possessive?

In most cases, a possessive noun is formed by adding an apostrophe +s to the noun, or if the noun is plural and already ends in s, only an apostrophe needs to be added. In the following sentence, boy’s is a possessive noun modifying pencil: The boy’s pencil snapped in half.

How do you make a sentence possessive?

To make a single noun possessive, simply add an apostrophe and an “s.”

Singular & Plural Possessive Pronouns

  1. That is mine.
  2. My car runs great.
  3. His work is good.
  4. Her diet is working.
  5. The bag is hers.
  6. The house is ours.
  7. I see your coat. ( singular)
  8. It is all yours. ( plural)
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How do you teach possessive pronouns fun?

A great way to work on possessive pronouns is to create a game using your students’ own personal items. Start by having three students collect two personal items from either their desk or locker. Mix all the items up without the other students seeing them and set them in front of the students.