Is Bard College need blind?

Bard is need-aware in admissions at the margins; meaning that if we do not feel that we can adequately package a student for success, we would encourage that student to seek more affordable paths to college.

Is Bard College need blind for international students?

The College has a need-aware admission policy. Students who upload to the Bard Portal the required financial aid forms are automatically considered for all Bard College grants or scholarships for which they may be eligible. Click here for financial aid information and form for international students.

Does Bard College give full scholarship?

71.0% of freshmen (346 total) were given scholarships at Bard College, averaging $43,130 per student. This puts it in the top 20th percentile of all colleges in the nation. As well as scholarships, 24.0% of first years (119 total) were awarded a federal grant, for about $5,495 each.

Is Bard College need based?

All Bard College scholarships are need based.

Does Bard need the CSS?

About Applying

All students requesting aid must fill out the College Scholarship Service (CSS)/Financial Aid PROFILE. This form must be submitted in order to receive any financial aid from Bard College.

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How hard is it to get into Bard?

The school has a 65% acceptance rate ranking it #66 in New York for lowest rate of acceptance. Last year, 3,181 out of 4,912 applicants were admitted making Bard College a moderately competitive school to get into with a strong chance of acceptance if you meet the requirements.

What is Bard College known for?

Bard College has long been known as an innovator and risk-taker in the field of higher education. The College’s international education programs are built upon meaningful partnerships. Our groundbreaking study away programs offer students the opportunity to go beyond the traditional study abroad experience.

What is the acceptance rate for Bard College?

With a GPA of 3.79, Bard College requires you to be above average in your high school class. You’ll need a mix of A’s and B’s, with a leaning toward A’s. If you took some AP or IB classes, this will help boost your weighted GPA and show your ability to take college classes.

Is Bard College expensive?

Annual Costs

Bard College is one of the 100 most expensive colleges in the America, coming in 49th on our Expensive 100 Ranking. The cost is 137% more expensive than the average New York tuition of $23,406 for 4 year colleges.

Does Bard College have good financial aid?

In 2022, the average non-need-based scholarship or grant awarded to first-year students at Bard College was $23,484. Bard College met 86% of its students’ financial aid need. Read below to learn more about the types of aid available.

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How many students are at Bard College?

Regular decision option: Apply using the Common Application.

Decisions will be posted to your Bard applicant portal by the end of March. Candidates who are placed on the wait list are invited to submit supplemental information.

Does Bard require a portfolio?

Portfolios and Awards Artistic supplements are not required for admission to Bard. Copies of awards or certificates for extracurricular achievements are not required for admission.

Is Bard College Test optional?

Bard College has been test optional for nearly 50 years. You do not need to take the SAT or ACT to apply to Bard.