Quick Answer: How do I send my transcripts to colleges on naviance?

How do I send my transcripts directly to colleges?

Official transcript should be submitted by your counselor. If the counselor submits online, the transcript should be attached to your school forms. Otherwise, transcripts should be sent directly to the schools to which you are applying. Please contact each admissions office for the exact address or procedure.

How do I add a college to colleges I’m applying to on naviance?

Go to the Colleges tab.

  1. Click on the College > Home. …
  2. Based on your criteria, Naviance will create a list of colleges. …
  3. On each college page, right next to the college name, you can click on the heart button to automatically add the school to your Colleges I’m Thinking About list.

Do you send college transcripts before or after applying?


And it’s fine to send transcripts even before you submit an application! However, before your transcript is actually sent, check it thoroughly to be certain that everything is as it should be: classes, grades, and credits, service hours, if they’re recorded, and SAT/ACT scores.

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Can official transcripts be sent electronically?

Official paper transcripts are sent in a sealed, signature-stamped envelope. An electronic transcript is considered OFFICIAL if the intended party is the direct email recipient. If emailed to the requestor, then forwarded, it is then considered UNOFFICIAL.

Can I send my transcript after my application?

Do not send transcripts at the time of application. After you submit your application, be prepared to send these copies to the admissions office at each campus to which you have applied, only upon their request. Official transcripts will be required at the campus you elect to attend.

How long does it take naviance to send transcripts?

Teachers need 3-5 weeks (or more, depending on the teacher) for letters of recommendation, and you should allow extra time for everything. You should request transcripts as soon as you add schools to the Colleges I am Applying To list in Naviance.

What is an initial transcript?

There are three types of official transcripts – initial, mid-year, and final. a. The initial transcript reflects a student’s grades 9th – 11th grade. … The mid-year transcript reflects a student’s grades 9th – 11th grade plus the first semester of their senior year.

Does naviance automatically send letters of recommendation?

Students will then request letters of recommendation from you in person, followed by an electronic request through Naviance. … It is also important to note that when students add new colleges, beyond the initial request, you will be required to log in again to send this letter, as it will not be automatically sent.

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How do I request transcripts?

You can also request a transcript by mail by calling our automated phone transcript service at 800-908-9946.

How long does it take to send transcripts?

If the school accepts electronic transcripts, it may take 24 to 48 hours. If a hard copy is required, it can take a few days to be received. If the schools are on each coast, it could take over a week. Students should also consider how long it may take your program to confirm receipt of your transcript.

How do colleges verify transcripts?

When evaluating student’s high school transcript, colleges check the following things: GPA, curriculum rigor and grade trends, SAT/ACT scores, class rank, and the existence of disciplinary records.

How can I get my college transcripts without paying?

However, you can call your school and ask for it or order them online for free through your school’s website. You can as well, use a third-party website to have unofficial or official transcripts sent to you or sent to the institution of your choice.