What is considered a current student?

Current Student means any enrolled student of the University, whether that person is enrolled as a full time, part time or external student.

Are you a current or prospective student?

Basically, it’s any person—current student or not—who is thinking about attending a particular college or university.

What does it mean to be a current undergraduate student?

An undergraduate is a college or university student who’s not a graduate student. After high school, you can become an undergraduate. Undergraduates are students of universities and colleges: they’ve graduated from high school and have been accepted to college, but they haven’t graduated yet.

What is incoming student?

It means the group of new students to that school or class.

What does future student mean?

Prospective students are students who might attend a school in the future. If you visit any college campus, you’ll see prospective students checking out the library, the dorms, and athletic facilities. Prospective indicates that something is expected or likely to happen.

What is alumni student?

An alumnus (masculine, plural alumni) or alumna (feminine, plural alumnae) is a former student or pupil of a school, college, or university. Commonly, but not always, the word refers to a graduate of the educational institution in question. To find out what matriculation means click here.

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What is a Applicant student?

A Student Applicant record gets created when a student applies to your institute for admission. You can Approve or Reject a student applicant. By accepting a student applicant you can add them to the student master.

What are the 3 years of college called?

First Year Students – Juniors or fresher or freshman. Second Year Students- Sophomores. Third Year Students- Seniors.

What is a first year university student called?

Freshmen – 1st year college/university student. Sophomore – 2nd year. Junior – 3rd year. Senior – 4th year.

Is undergraduate and bachelors the same thing?

Undergraduate students are typically those working to earn a bachelor’s degree (or, less commonly, an associate’s degree). These degrees are often referred to with the general term undergraduate degree. Outside of the US, an undergraduate degree is sometimes called a first degree.

What first year student means?

relating to the first year of a university or college course. First year students are enrolling next week.

Is first year a freshman in college?

At college or university, freshman denotes students in their first year of study. The grade designations of high school are not used, but the terms sophomore, junior, and senior are kept at most schools. Some colleges, including historically women’s colleges, do not use the term freshman but use first year, instead.

What means transfer student?

Any student who has attended a college or university following graduation from high school (or obtaining a GED). …

What is a Realising opportunity student?

Opportunities. Realising Opportunities is a unique collaboration of leading, research intensive universities, working together to promote fair access and social mobility of students from groups underrepresented in higher education. Find out more →

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What is another word for prospective students?

What is another word for prospective student?

applicant candidate
supplicant seeker
prospect entrant
competitor appellant
claimant postulant

What is a prospective future?

adj. 1 looking towards the future. 2 prenominal anticipated or likely.