What is expected from you as a university student?

Participate and engage in all courses in which you are enrolled. Take responsibility for your learning and accessing additional help. Read prescribed materials and submit assessments when due. … Provide honest and constructive feedback on programs and courses.

What are the expectations of a student?

Understanding Basic Expectations

  • Follow classroom rules.
  • Be on time.
  • Be prepared for class.
  • Be considerate and respectful.
  • Show respect for school property and other students.
  • Hand in assignments on time.
  • Wait to be dismissed.
  • Use an inside voice.

What are the responsibilities of a university student?

Responsibilities of Students

  • attending classes on time and regularly.
  • being prepared for classes with all necessary supplies.
  • taking good care of school property.
  • completing all homework assignments.
  • organizing their time well.
  • respecting themselves and others.
  • reading on a regular basis.
  • doing their best.

What skills does going to university give you?

General/Transferable Skills:

  • Academic writing and presentation skills.
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Abstract reasoning.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Leadership and teamwork skills.
  • Organization/time management skills.
  • Goal setting and prioritizing.

What expectations do you have of yourself?

I expect myself to:

  • Be kind and loving no matter the situation or how I have been treated.
  • Treat my body with love and kindness by eating a healthy diet and exercising five times per week.
  • Do my job with joy, enthusiasm, and energy.
  • Bring the joy every moment of every day. – Be of service in any way possible.
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Why should you go to university?

Building self-confidence, independence and responsibility

University can help students to build their self-confidence and independence. Students will have plenty of opportunities to make new friends from different countries and backgrounds. Living independently can also nurture an increased level of responsibility.

What are the 10 qualities of a good student?

10 characteristics of a good student

  • A good student has a growth mindset. …
  • A good student is brave. …
  • A good student is organised. …
  • A good student is consistent and persistent. …
  • A good student is able to deal with failure. …
  • A good student sets goals. …
  • A good student is able to connect learning to life.

What are good expectations?

10 Simple Expectations That Great Teams Have of Their Leaders

  • Clarity. Clarity of goals and objectives is essential for success. …
  • Opportunity.
  • Involvement. …
  • Keep Commitments. …
  • Consistency. …
  • Respect. …
  • Honesty. …
  • Praise.

What are examples of expectations?

Expectation is defined as believing that something is going to happen or believing that something should be a certain way. An example of expectation is a belief that you will be getting promoted. An example of expectation is a belief that you should behave as a proper lady or gentleman.

What are your expectations for or of?

The two mean slightly different things. “Expectations of something” means what you expect that something to do or achieve. “Expectations for something” are more vague and only mean expectations in that area. So “expectations of college” might be that it would provide me with the education I need to start my career.

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