What is full time at Citrus College?

Enroll full-time (minimum 12 units) consecutively throughout the duration of the two-year Promise Program in fall and spring semester each academic year.

How many units can you take in summer at Citrus College?

Unit Limitations

The maximum number of units a student may enroll in for summer and winter session is 13 units. High school students are subject to different unit limits.

What is a passing grade at Citrus College?

Evaluative Grades

Symbol Definition Grade Point
D Less than satisfactory 1
F Failing
FW Failing/Withdrawal
P Passing

How much is a unit at Citrus College?

Non-Residents: Out-of-state students are required to pay tuition of $317 per unit in addition to the $46 per unit enrollment fee.

Student Living Away from Home
Cost Items Nine (9) Month
Personal/Miscellaneous 3,843.00
Transportation 918.00
Total $24,513.00

Is Citrus a good college?

Citrus College has been a great experience filled with many amazing professors who care about your education, and who understand that interfering life events can happen. Going to this community college has saved me a lot of money before transferring to a Cal State or UC.

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Does Citrus College have summer classes?

Summer Session: June 21 to August 13, 2021.

How do you add a code to Citrus College?


Enter the authorization code as directed. To add a closed/full class an authorization code is required. An authorization code will be issued directly by the instructor teaching the course once class begins. Enter the authorization code as directed.

What GPA is required for citrus?

Have a minimum 3.25 (non-weighted) or 3.5 (weighted) cumulative GPA from high school. One letter of recommendation from an instructor, counselor or high school contact. Submit unofficial high school transcripts.

How do I drop out of Citrus College?

To drop a class you will need to log on to your Wingspan account. There you will move through the program until you get to add/drop classes. Make sure you check your personal schedule to see that the class was dropped correctly. You can personally drop classes until the drop date and then you will receive a grade.

What is a Class Pass fee Citrus College?

FeesTuition – Class Pass Fee. The Class Pass is a reusable electronic TAP sticker that lets Citrus College students ride Foothill Transit. It is accepted on all Foothill Transit Local and Silver Streak bus lines, which connects students to 22 cities in the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys, including Downtown Los Angeles.

Is Citrus College free?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​California residents attend Citrus College tuition-free and pay enrollment and incidental fees only. Nonresidents are required to pay the additional per unit nonresident tuition.

What is Citrus College known for?

Citrus College is a community college known for its academic excellence and dedication to student success. Citrus College was founded in 1915 and has a long history of success with international students. Students enjoy our friendly campus where they are our number one priority.

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How many students are at Citrus College?

Citrus College Football – Citrus College Athletics.