What percentage of students get an A * at A level?

Almost one in five (19.1 per cent) of A Level students received an A* grade this year – another record high which is up from around one in seven (14.3 per cent) in 2020. The results mark the highest proportion of students achieving the top grade since it was first introduced back in 2010.

How many students get A’s * at A level?

Nearly half of students awarded A or A*

Nearly half of students (44.8 per cent) were awarded an A or A* in at least one subject, up by 6.3 per cent on last year, according to the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ).

What percentage of people get an * a level?

A Level results in the United Kingdom 2000-2021, by grade

In 2021 19.1 percent of students in the United Kingdom achieved the highest possible grade (an A*) in their A-Levels, with more than a quarter of entries achieving an A, the most common individual grade level in this year.

What percentage of students get 3 A * at A level?

The data shows that: 22.5% of all students got 3 A grades or better at A level (including students whose ethnicity was unknown)

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How hard is it to get A * in A levels?

It’s rather easy to get an A, even A*, in mathematics. All you have to do is to memorize some formulae and do a lot of past papers. As for Economics, a subject I found rather hard, understanding is the critical point. Also, being able to write everything you know in a restricted time period is not easy.

What percentage is an A * in A Level biology?

The proportion reaching the top grades has decreased, with 6.6 per cent getting an A*, down from 7.4 per cent last year, and 23.5 per cent getting an A or A*, down from 25.3 per cent in 2018. This year, 95.9 per cent passed the course, down from 96.5 per cent last year.

How many people get a * in A Level maths?

The proportion of pupils achieving an A* has increased slightly to 16.3 per cent, compared to 15.9 per cent last year. However, the proportion getting an A or A* has fallen, from 42.1 per cent to 40.5 per cent.

What percentage of kids do A-levels?

Most of the drop between 2016 and 2017 seems to be due to a fall in the percentage of pupils studying four A-Levels. As the following chart shows, this fell from 54% in October 2015 to 35% in October 2016. However, the percentage of Year 12 students pursuing at least three A-Levels fell only modestly, from 75% to 71%.

What percentage of people get 3 A stars?

Results show that the fraction of candidates achieving three A* (or better) was less than 3% of the total number of A-level candidates. About one candidate in eight taking three A-levels was awarded with one A* and two As (or better).

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What percentage of people get a *?

When exams were last run in 2019, just 25.5 per cent of entries achieved an A or above. Across the UK, 19.1 per cent of entries in 2021 achieved the top A* grade, compared to 14.3 per cent in 2020 and 8 per cent in 2019.

Can you go to uni with 2 A-levels?

Can you take A-levels and Btecs at the same time? Yes you can. … While most UK universities will accept students with Btec qualifications, they will all have their own particular entry requirements. You should be able to find these on the Ucas page for your course, or on the university’s own website.

What are the hardest A-levels UK?

According to SnapRevise, the hardest A-Level subjects to study are:

  1. Modern foreign languages.
  2. Further maths.
  3. History.
  4. Physics.
  5. English literature.
  6. Chemistry.
  7. Maths.
  8. Psychology.

How do you get 3 A’s at A-Level?

3 Steps to Getting 3 A*s at A-Level

  1. Master your time management and tricky topics. One of the most important things is good time management. …
  2. Use past papers and exam specs – but wisely. …
  3. Get smart in the exam hall. …
  4. 4 Ways to Use A-Level Past Papers. …
  5. 5 Tips for Making the Perfect Revision Notes.