Why Sharda University is best?

Sharda University has a really nice and big campus the campus is really beautiful and the central library is a huge library with lots of books. Admission criteria are basic you have scored 60% in PCM. If you have 60% in the exam then you are eligible for SU b. tech course.

What is Sharda University famous for?

The achievements of Sharda University have been mentioned below:

  • Awarded Best Business School in North.
  • Education Leadership Awards.
  • Awarded Best Dental School in North.
  • Awarded Best Law School in Delhi-NCR.
  • Awarded Best Innovative Engineering School in North.

Is Sharda University better than SRM?

SRM University is better than Sharda as it is a well-recognized university providing on campus facilities which is provided by others as well. SRM University is better than Sharda as it is a well-recognized university providing on campus facilities which is provided by others as well.

Is Amity better than Sharda University?

Amity university has a slight advantage over Sharda. But in terms of highest package offered then its Sharda. Amity University has a better placement percentage over Sharda. But if we ignore the minute details and highest salary offered then the Placements of both the Universities are kind of same.

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Why do you want to join Sharda?

You gain high self esteem, more knowledge, develop good networking and industry exposure. As you study in Sharda University gradually confidence develops naturally. Students from international exposures gain a platform for future progress. Knowledge that is culture based helps students to work in global environment.

Is Sharda University fake?

Sharda University is a full-fledged University and not a deemed University. Government of Uttar Pradesh has issued us a no objection certificate to run the University.

What is the highest package of Sharda University?

The recruiters also comprise more than 150 MNCs and above 30 Fortune 500 companies. The highest package offered to students of LPU stands at INR 65 LPA.

Sharda University Placement Highlights 2020.

Particular Stats
Sharda University B.Tech 91%
Highest Salary INR 65 LPA

Is it good to join SRM university?

The quality of placements is also good. The placement percentage of the college is amongst the highest up there. SRM has a really high placement percent with the highest package offered was by Microsoft of whopping 41 LPA in the past year. The college has a tuition high fee and getting a scholarship is very difficult.

Which SRM campus is best for computer science?

Hi, Chennai campus of SRM is the main campus and to get selected in this you will have you attain a rank within 10000 for CSE branch. All the best.

Which is better Sharda or LPU?

Sharda University is a state private university located in Greater Noida and ranks 26th among the top universities in India 2020. The university claims to have placed over 80% of its students in top MNCs.

Should I choose Sharda University or Lovely Professional University?

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Categories Sharda University Lovely Professional University
Rank (as per NIRF) 151 87
Faculty 1200 900

Who owns Sharda?

Sharda University is a private university located in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. The school is part of the Sharda Group of Institutions, which was founded by P.K Gupta in 1996.

Is Sharda University NAAC accredited?

Located in Greater Noida, Sharda University is recognised by the UGC and has been accredited by NAAC with a ‘B’ Grade.

Is Sharda good for BTech?

It is a Top UGC approved University that provides the Best Quality Education in various innovative academic programs. It is a good choice for a full-time 4 year BTech program in CSE as it is ranked at #151 out of 200 Top Private Colleges in India 2020 by NIRF.

How many students are there in Sharda University?

Sharda University Admission Criteria – 2021 | Sharda University. Admission open only against vacant/lapsed seats. Apply online or call 0120-4570000.