Your question: How do I cope with going to college far away?

Is it a bad idea to go to college far away?

Drawbacks of Going to College Far Away

It may take you a while to adjust to your new life or you might not find a new group of friends right away. … You’ll also need to consider the shipping costs to send your belongings to your new college. If you can’t ship them, there will be things you’ll need to buy when you arrive.

How do you deal with going away for college?

Here are some tips to help make that happen:

  1. Get organized. …
  2. Do the work. …
  3. Avoid surprises. …
  4. Set reasonable expectations, and be ready to adapt.
  5. Stay connected with friends and family once school begins, and resolve any relationship issues before heading to school.
  6. Get engaged on campus as soon as possible.
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Is it better to stay home or go away for college?

Pros: Staying Home

Cost Students typically save money on college expenses by living at home while attending school. Students (and their parents) may save room and board costs, as well as the transportation costs of travelling between home and school (see Cons: Going Away).

Is moving away to college scary?

It’s certainly a scary time for just about everyone involved and there is a lot of anxiety involved with beginning college someplace far away from home. … There’s nothing wrong with feeling homesick in those first few days, weeks or even months and it’s perfectly normal to feel anxiety or feel like you’re out of place.

What percentage of students move away from home for college?

Just 24 percent of students who earned between 1,200 and 1,500 points leave their state for college. That rate is more than doubled — 56 percent — for students who scored at least 2,100. Among those higher-achieving students, the average distance traveled for college was 526 miles.

Do most people go to college close to home?

What If There Isn’t One Nearby? More than one in two public-college students go to college within 50 miles of home.

Is it normal to be sad about leaving for college?

Yes, It’s Totally OK to Cry When You Get Dropped Off at College. For so many, heading off to college is that first taste of freedom, maybe your first sip of alcohol or your first frat party. It’s the chance to be out on your own and away from parental rules, supervision, and curfews.

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What helps homesick college students?

Helping with Homesickness

  1. Don’t panic. …
  2. Encourage your student to get involved on campus. …
  3. Listen and ask questions. …
  4. Don’t ride to the rescue. …
  5. Remind your student that home is still there for them — later. …
  6. Don’t be too available. …
  7. Don’t be a part of the problem. …
  8. Postpone changes.

What percentage of college students get homesick?

Homesickness is a common phenomenon for college students, especially among first year students. According to, over 30 percent of college students experience some form of homesickness and around 70 percent of freshmen go through severe homesickness.

Is living at home during college bad?

Off-Campus Social Life

Living at home is a lot less spontaneous when it comes to making plans with peers, and you might not always be told about activities going on.

Should you go to college close to home?

Enjoy more stability if you live at or near home while in college. You’ll feel less overwhelmed by the transition because the area and climate are familiar. Plus, you won’t feel homesick or as homesick as those who moved away for school. If you do experience an off day, a family member can easily visit.

What is the benefit of going to college?

It prepares you, both intellectually and socially, for your career and your adult life. The benefits of a college education include career opportunities like better paying and higher skilled jobs, but studies have shown that it also leads to overall happiness and stability.

How can I calm my anxiety for college?

Take a mental health day to unwind from your fast-paced college life. Do things you enjoy in your spare time. Yoga classes can go a long way in helping you control stress and anxiety. Go for a walk or practice deep breathing.

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Is it normal to be nervous about moving to college?

Almost all students are nervous about something before they head off to college for the first time. This is completely normal and you won’t be alone! There will be plenty of other students in the same boat as you, dealing with their own anxieties.