Why are you interested in the College of Wooster?

Why am I interested in the College of Wooster?

Broad, liberal arts classes, Independent Study, great organizations, a city you can call home, and fantastic opportunities awaiting discovery all fit into the Wooster experience. If you’re excited to pursue the limitless, there’s a very good chance that The College of Wooster is the place for you.

What is the College of Wooster known for?

The College of Wooster is a private liberal arts college in Wooster, Ohio. It is primarily known for its emphasis on mentored undergraduate research and enrolls about 2,000 students.

Should I go to the College of Wooster?

It is a very strong academic environment, very research oriented, and you will be writing a lot of papers. If you aren’t prepared or ready to do that, then you shouldn’t attend. The College of Wooster is a very demanding school academically, and is very expensive at a cost of $43,000 a year.

Does College of Wooster have a supplemental essay?

You only have 250 words, so brevity is key. Begin by getting familiar with their website (including: classes, professors, clubs, organizations, and campus life).

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What is College of Wooster?

Wooster College Biology Rankings

The bachelor’s program at Wooster College was ranked #427 on College Factual’s Best Schools for biology list. It is also ranked #16 in Ohio.

How liberal is the College of Wooster?

Overall, Wooster inched one spot up to 66th of the 215 national liberal arts colleges.

Is College of Wooster a party school?

Forget academics – two Ohio colleges remain among top 20 party schools, survey says. … College of Wooster: Best College Radio Station, Colleges That Pay You Back, Green Colleges, Private Schools, Town-Gown Relations are Strained. Denison University: Colleges That Pay You Back, Green Colleges, Private Schools.

What are kids like at College of Wooster?

The students at Wooster are diverse, ranging from Jamaican scientists to American psychologists, and while being very diverse sometimes social groups become cliques. My classmates tended to be encouraging of new ideas, ready for a challenge (though we’ll complain about the work), intelligent, and usually engaged.

Is College of Wooster good for computer science?

Popularity of CompSci at Wooster College

During the 2019-2020 academic year, The College of Wooster handed out 16 bachelor’s degrees in computer science. Due to this, the school was ranked #438 in popularity out of all colleges and universities that offer this degree.

Does College of Wooster give full scholarship?

Funding is awarded as the “Wooster International Scholarship” and ranges from $5,000 to full tuition, based on both merit and financial need. … The scholarship does not need to be repaid.

How hard is it to get into College of Wooster?

How hard is it to get into Wooster and can I get accepted? The school has a 55% acceptance rate ranking it #18 in Ohio for lowest rate of acceptance. Last year, 3,472 out of 6,352 applicants were admitted making Wooster a more competitive school to get into with a good chance of acceptance for qualifying applicants.

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What is the acceptance rate at the College of Wooster?

College of Wooster admissions is more selective with an acceptance rate of 65% and an early acceptance rate of 80.5%. Half the applicants admitted to College of Wooster have an SAT score between 1140 and 1360 or an ACT score of 24 and 31.